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    Hands-free in the car, on the bike or in the office with a good phone holder

    Many of us get up and go to sleep with the smartphone. Not unusual, because thanks to those smart phones we not only stay in touch with each other, it is also our camera, our fitness coach, our GPS, our computer and even our television to a certain extent. Just think of all the video content you devour in a day on TikTok, Netflix or YouTube, for example.


    During the corona lockdowns we all got to know the phone holders for the office. Very nice if you have to answer video calls all day long and then have a permanent place for your smartphone. In addition, your desk looks a lot neater and that always benefits concentration.


    A phone holder also proves to be an indispensable accessory on a bicycle. Not only to answer calls without hands, but especially to plan nice cycling routes on your smartphone and then be able to read them from your bike. There were even a number of waterproof models on the market, with which you can ride your bike during changeable autumn weather, without having to fear that your smartphone will get wet and that you will have to give up.


    Others prefer to stay in shape by going for a run. In the early 2000s, Apple took the running market by storm with their iPod running mounts. Remember the image of all the runners listening to 'Start to Run' podcasts with their iPod strapped to their arm? Today, most of those iPods are probably in a forgotten drawer, but the smartphone also proves to be a popular companion for running. Phone holder around the arm and forward with the legs!


    In the car it is vital not to get distracted by your smartphone. It may seem easy to put your smartphone in the passenger seat, but isn't it tempting to take a look when you receive a notification? Two seconds of your attention that can have major consequences. It is therefore best to place your smartphone in a good phone holder where you can easily follow the GPS instructions and answer calls wirelessly without your phone falling down and thus demanding too much of your attention while driving.


    Telephone holders with a magnet are very handy because you can attach your smartphone in the car with one hand. The magnets are very strong, so that your smartphone stays firmly in place even during a bumpy ride. If you do a lot of long journeys, it can be useful to opt for a phone holder with a built-in charger, so that your smart copilot doesn't drop out halfway through the ride.


    You can also decide for yourself where you prefer to place your smartphone: on the window, on the dashboard or in the ventilation grille. Phone holders with a magnet can be hung almost anywhere in the car. You stick phone holders with a suction cup to the windscreen or on top of the dashboard. In addition, you also have the phone holders that you can hook into the ventilation grille. It's a matter of preference. As long as you can safely consult your smartphone in the car, without being too distracted, there is no wrong choice.

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